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Hey, guys, welcome back to another episode of the business Journey podcast.
I'm your host, Rebecca rice, and I teach family photographers to gain A life of financial freedom through a thriving photography business. Today, we are on Episode 76, where I'm answering all of your questions about my signature course profitable mini sessions 2.0. So we're gonna get into this, I'm super excited that if you're listening to this, when this episode airs live, my course PMC 2.0 is open, these doors only open a few times a year, and right now they're open this week through Friday, the doors closed on Friday, and the course is 50% off, which is the lowest price ever is. So if you have been thinking about, you know, jumping into the course, or you know, you're wanting to level up your mini sessions game, and you're just not sure what to do, how to get there how to make mini sessions, I really, really profitable part of your business, then this course is for you. So we will link it here in the show notes. You can go to my Instagram, you can go to my website, it's linked everywhere right now. So you can for sure jump into that. And today, you know, I'm gonna be answering questions that you guys have about it. Because, you know, this course is several years old. I've been launching it many times. So I get tons of questions about what's inside and things like that. So I want to take some time to answer your questions. And if you have other questions that I don't get to here, I am always available to answer them. So you can shoot me a DM on Instagram at Rebecca rice photography, you can email me whatever I would be happy to answer any questions you have. So the first big question that I always get about PMC 2.0 is what's the difference between intro dominis and PMC 2.0. So in my shop, I have a mini course called Intro to mini sessions. And basically, this is the first version of the profitable mini sessions course. So it was the 1.0 version. And it's about three hours of content. It goes through basics like very basics of structuring your minis, you know, structuring your shooting workflow, things like that, it is beneficial, but it's very, very different from PMC two point out. Now, basically, once I launched the first version, after a year, I realized that there was so much more information that I wanted to put in, there were some changes, I wanted to just really refresh the whole program because there was so much more that needed to be added. So that's when PMC 2.0 was born. And it has everything that intro has, but way more. So it's got about 15 hours of content compared to the three hours that intro to minis has. And plus it's got tons and tons of bonus content included for free, so many things that are in my shop, templates, mini courses, stuff like that are included in PMC 2.0. And so the goal was to make it like a one stop course where you have everything you could possibly need to run profitable mini sessions. And so that's the major difference between the two, you know, PMC 2.0 goes way deeper into marketing than intro dominis does it goes way deeper into so many other facets that intro just doesn't go into and so if you're like stuck between the two, and you have the budget for PMC, 2.0 I would 1,000% recommend that one because it does include everything that's an intro, but way, way more the second question. Well, I
guess I kind of answered it already. People asked just PMC 2.0 go deeper into marketing. Yes, it does. Because if you notice an intro, like looking through what's included, it like barely touches on marketing, but I want to say I spend like 30 minutes maybe talking about marketing in internet minis. Whereas in PMC 2.0 When I was doing the refresh, I just knew that there was so much more that needed to be covered when it came to marketing because that's the difference between minis booking out or not. It all comes down to marketing. So in PMC 2.0 We have an entire module for email marketing, we have an entire module for social media marketing. And we have an entire module dedicated to Facebook ads, paid marketing, paid advertising. And all of them can work together in such a beautiful way. And so I you know, share my screen and show you how to set things up, I talk through the why behind all of these different marketing pieces, I literally like peel back the curtain and show you the exact strategies that I use in my business every time that I book out minis. So it does go way, way deeper into marketing, that intro just does not cover. Another question I get is which would be better to start with, if you were looking between intro to mini sessions or PMC 2.0, which would be the better starting place, I would say if you are a more advanced photographer, for sure go with PMC 2.0 intro is just going to be two introductory for you, that stuff is covered quickly in PMC 2.0. It just goes over foundational pieces that you already have in place, most likely, if you are more of a beginner photographer, it really comes down to budget at that point, if you just don't have the budget for PMC, 2.0, then I would go with intro. But I will say even as a beginner, you're going to benefit a lot lot more from PMC 2.0. So if it's in your budget, I would suggest that one and PMC 2.0, we do have payment plan options available. So you can get in for several payments of 165. Instead of you know just paying the full thing right up front, it's it just you know, I'm trying to make it as flexible with your budget as I possibly can. So that's what I would say is, if you can swing PMC 2.0, it's 1000 times better. And I do believe that that would be the better choice for you. Speaking of like payment plans and stuff, people also asked me what is ultimate PMC. And I don't do the best job of talking about it. But I really should, because basically, it's an option to add on a one on one call with me. So if you're the kind of person that really likes more of a hands on approach that maybe you need some accountability for implementing, or you really want more individualized feedback and guidance on how to make mini sessions work for your specific business, then ultimate PMC it's everything that's in PMC, 2.0. But it's adding on a one on one call with me for you to use at any time, you can wait until you go through the whole course and then use it, you can use it right away, it's totally up to you. And that's a 550 value, like a one on one call with me is usually $550. And so you get it discounted for bundling it basically with the course. And we've had several students who have taken advantage of that, and we've done their one on one call and they have found it super beneficial because it's one thing to watch a course, it's another to be able to talk with the educator to be able to, you know, get deeper into the topics and how to implement specific to your business. So I feel like that's a very valuable option, especially if you're more of a hands on learner and you want some specialized guidance. So you can look into that. Where you find that is whenever you click a buy button on the sales page, you then are taken to the choice to choose between you know payment plan or a single payment and you'll see the ultimate PMC 2.0 choice on there as well. Another question I get is students say well what if I already have intro dominis and I want PMC 2.0. Great question. We actually have an upgrade option for those of you that got into intro first maybe it was a budget thing maybe you just wanted to you know start off slower, and then you're wanting to upgrade because you see all of the stuff that's in PMC 2.0 The intro just didn't have do you have an option to upgrade so you don't have to pay the full price of PMC 2.0 There's a discounted price that you can pay so you can reach out to my team you can email them at Hello at Rebecca rice they can get you that special link to upgrade for that discounted price. Now, the last question that I get a lot is asking what is the success guarantee? So in PMC 2.0 This is something that's different from intro intro has a 30 day money back guarantee so it's like no pressure no questions asked within 30 days you can get your money back if you know it just wasn't for you. But with PMC 2.0 We actually have a success guarantee and basically what it says is if you don't make your investment back the course investment back in your you know next set of major minis then I will refund you 100% But now you have to implement the stuff from the course. And, you know, try it out and do the things that I teach and all that. I'm just so confident in the course, that I wanted to do a success guarantee, because I know it works. I've seen time and time and time and time and time and time again, that when the course is implemented, it just works. And so people ask, Well, have you, you know, refunded people? I have? Yes, I have, because I stand by that success guarantee. And so I've had a very small handful of people come and say, Okay, I've done all the things and it just does not work for me. And that's fine. If I can see that they truly have tried, then yes, I stand by my word, and I will refund 100%. The good news is it doesn't happen all that often. So I stand by that guarantee. And I know that what PMC 2.0 teaches covers really does work for the vast majority of photographers. So if you have any other questions that I didn't get here today, feel free to shoot me a DM on Instagram at Rebecca rice photography, I
am very active in my DMs, I would love to answer it for you. If you want to know like, is this course a good fit for me? Let me know and we can chat about it. Because here's the deal, I'm not going to let you invest in something if I truly don't believe that it's a good fit for you. I've had people say, Well, does this work for outdoor photographers or branding photographers or senior photographers? Yes, it works in all kinds of industries. I have lots of students that are in different industries. They're in different countries. You know, those of you that are in Europe, we I have lots of students ask, Well, does this work? You know, in Europe? Yes, it does. So if you want to talk some more, shoot me a DM on Instagram at Rebecca rice photography, or you can send me an email at Hello at Rebecca rice And me or my team can help you out there. But I would love to just honestly just be here to help in any way that I can. That's the end goal here is to serve you as well as I possibly can. And I believe in this course, I believe that it really does help you know, hundreds of photographers every year. And I can't wait to see what it does for your business. Because now is the perfect time to implement you guys that you can literally take the course and implement it right away for Fall minis. So I'm really really excited to see how it goes and let me know how else I can serve you. So with that, I'll go ahead and sign off for today. I mentioned the program is linked in the show notes if you want to go check it out and learn more about it. And I will see you this time next week. Bye guys.

76. PMC Q&A - answering questions about my signature program!