Hey, guys. Welcome back to the Business Journey podcast, I'm Rebecca and I am so excited for today's episode. Today we're talking about my very first industry friend, I said, talking about we're talking with my very first industry friend here. Her name is Courtney, and we have a lot of fun together already. Like before we hit record here, we're like, we have a whole blooper reel trying to get this thing started because we just have a lot of fun. So it's fine. I'm really excited because this is going to be just super conversational and just talking about like the importance of having industry friends and like what how it helps, like creating community and all the things. So. Hi, Courtney. I'm so excited to have you.
Courtney: Hi, Rebecca, I'm so excited to be here. Thank you for having me.
Rebecca: Yes, and I didn't say your full name. This is Courtney Bosworth. Courtney Bosworth Photography Yeah, she's incredible wedding photographer, family photographer, like all the things. So Courtney, can you tell everybody a little bit about you and your family and just everything?
Courtney: Yeah, I'm Courtney Bosworth. I am located in a small town in Dallas. It's called Argyle, Texas, and I've been married to my wonderful husband for gosh. We just celebrated six years and then we have three little boys Copeland, Weston and Leyton in they are  four, three and eight months old. So as you can tell, we are very busy with three boys and I was a former teacher and a coach. And then we had Copeland and I decided to go ahead and pursue photography. And so I have been in my business since the end of two thousand seventeen and it's been great. It's been wonderful surveying a bunch of families and couples, and I'm so excited to be on this journey and I had my boys love having me home, so it's great. I love it.
Rebecca: Yeah, that's awesome. And so Courtney is in Texas, so we are Texas buddies, and when I say she is my first industry friend, like literally, I started my business. It became official in January of 2018, and I didn't know anybody who is a photographer like I was a full time youth pastor. And so I was like very immersed in the church world. But I didn't know anybody who is a photographer. And so at some point, like Courtney and I were trying to think, like, when did we actually become friends? You know, one of those where you just feel like you've been friends for so long that you just like, forget. So we were recounting like, when did we actually become friends? So I think where we landed was I was shooting a wedding. And if you know me, you guys know I don't shoot weddings and for good reason. So I was shooting a wedding. It was my very first solo wedding. I was going to say my only solo wedding. No, I've shot two other weddings after that. You ready? Yeah. But first, so yes, this is my first solo wedding. And so I was like, I need somebody to second shoot with me. That like knows what they're doing here. And Courtney and I had become like Instagram friends or Facebook friends. At some point, just we were both in like Amy and Jordan's courses. And so we were, you know, talking in their Facebook group or in the DFW group, I don't know. But at some point we had become like Instagram friends, but we had never met in real life, even though we lived like, like 30, 45 minutes or each other while we lived super close so much closer than now.
Courtney: And then I I about cried when you moved to Nashville. I'm like, oh no. I need you back in my life. I know 30 minutes away,
Rebecca: Literally. I think we like took it for granted because like 45 minutes in Texas, like, you know, that's a decent drive. But now we're like 10 hours away that I'm like, You far. I know. Well, at that point, so I was we are so close, and so we met up for coffee because we needed to, like, talk through this wedding timeline. And I remember you brought Copeland and he was little bitty. And then I didn't bring any of my kids either. Or, I guess, either my kids, it was just Maddie. I didn't bring Maddie, but you and I were both pregnant. I think I was pregnant with Carson and you were pregnant with Weston.
Courtney: Yes.
Rebecca: Crazy because our kids are like, Right, they're so close in age. Yes. So we met up for coffee, and that was like the very first time we ever met. And I feel like that's what really that wedding definitely bonded us. It was it was an interesting experience.
Courtney: I was very tough wedding, but we navigated through it together and we had some good laughs and we just enjoyed hanging out with each other because of the wedding.  And from there, it kind of just took off with our friendship. And I mean, there are so many other things that we got to work on together and we talk through. You helped me with mini sessions. And so, yeah, I think our friendship just. Really took off right then and there. 
Rebecca: Yeah, Man, it was really good that wedding. So it was like a really sweet couple, but the bride was very laid back, like very laid back and she honestly, like could care less. And so it was one of those like, weird.
Courtney:  It really photography was not like, no, my priority at all that day. And like Rebecca and I were trying so hard to like, make it a priority to make sure she had these beautiful images that she was just, I'm kind of like whatever.
Rebecca: Yes, because we wanted to go outside. I mean, the venue is really pretty. We're like, Oh, we have some, you know, pretty spots we could go to. And she was like, Oh, well, I don't really want to get my hair all like, you know, messed up in the wind. So let's just stay inside. I'm like, what? So we sat in front of like a grey wall. It was, yeah, it was less than ideal, but we had a lot of fun.
Courtney: That we definitely did. And so and I look back on that and just like, I guess, being a full time mom, you know, and with littles at home, it's like, you know, you sometimes feel alone. But when you do have friends that you have met, you just become really close with. And I think that has been really helpful in how close we have become because we feed off information from each other. We we go to each other for advice. I know I been going to your advice for a lot lately, just with a lot of things coming up, but it's been really nice having friends within the industry to connect with.
Rebecca: Yeah, for sure, I think it's just such an important piece like to have friends. And, you know, I think back to what it was like before we met because I want to say that wedding was like June or something in 2018. And so the first like six months of my business, like I didn't really know anybody. And I remember for me, it was it was really isolating, like, I'm trying to do this business thing. But none of my friends, like owned businesses, they're not photographers, so they don't really understand like, you know, the entrepreneurial drive in, like all that stuff. And so it was it was hard to find somebody that was like equally as passionate. And so I just remember like that, that craving for community within the industry. What about you? Do you remember, like before you had industry friends where it was like?
Courtney: Yeah, I mean, I started literally at the very end. So almost just a couple of months before you. And just learning and just trying to figure out and navigate and like, I've reached out to other photographers to like help and shadow and things like that. And there were times that like I got turned down by other photographers, like they just wouldn't let me, you know, go along with them to weddings and or even shadow or give advice. And so it would felt very like you said, very isolated and things like that. And so when you and I connected through A&J, it was like really nice to develop that friendship with each other just because we are both moms at that time and trying to navigate owning a business, but also being a mom and you as well a youth pastor and things like that. It was just really nice to be able to connect with someone because it does feel at times isolated. And so I feel like once a week, you and I connected and it's like our journey started together. And so it's been really nice to like and such a blessing to see how your business has taken us to and be along that journey since, like literally anything. Yeah. So it really is like a blessing that we had that wedding in June. But I mean, I will tell you, like, it's only about isolated and things like that. And so I'm very thankful like we have been brought together.
Rebecca: And I know that there are people listening that I'm sure feel the same way of like they really relate to that isolation and just thought like loneliness of trying to do this like journey together. And I would want to, like, encourage anybody. So I'm very introverted. Courtney is extroverted, so we we make a good, a good match where, you know, every introvert needs an extrovert to really, like, pull them out of their shell. And so, you know, if you're listening and you're an introvert and like, making your relationships is uncomfortable for you, like it is for me. Like, I would encourage you, just step out of your shell and like, go find people because it's hard. Like especially adding like the mom part to the photography journey, like motherhood is hard, and I don't have very many friends that we're moms, especially moms, running a business, and it's just a different dynamic and most people don't understand it. And so by finding that community, it's just made all the difference, even if it just means like finding people that are in Facebook groups with you. Like any of my students, if you're like, That's me, I'm so isolated, like posted our student group and say, Hey, guys, like I'm looking for a friend and I guarantee you'll find somebody because our like our student group has people from all over the nation, all over the world. Honestly, we have people from. You know, Australia and England, and like all these cool places and like, if you just take that step to reach out, you will find somebody and I'm telling you, it may be like a little uncomfortable for a second. But that like moment of discomfort is so worth it when you get the benefits of having community and not having to do this thing alone.
Courtney: Oh yeah. And I think we all strive for that community and just relationships and everything because I know when we go out and about, it's like, I like strive to have like a conversation with anybody like Jeff and I celebrated our anniversary a couple of weekends ago and we were just just staring at the pool of this little group of a couples were sitting there and this girl strike up a conversation, and I just went ahead and started having conversations with her because it's just like, I think we all strive to have that community and that relationship and that social interaction, especially after last year.
Rebecca: Yes
Courtney: I think a lot of people want that in person social interaction with people. And I have to say, like most of my closest and best friends, I have been connecting through social media with the industry like I've got friends up in Charleston that I absolutely love. I've got a great friend or two in Arizona and California and now Tennessee with Rebecca. So it's like, you know, we all strive for that community. And so if you like you said, if you're ever feeling like alone or isolated in this creative industry, you just go ahead and reach out because there's others that probably feel the same way that you do. And finding that accountability partner is so nice to have too.
Rebecca: Yes, and somebody like talk shop with like talk business stuff when our husbands are like, so over it and they don't want to hear any more business stuff, then it's nice to have somebody that's like, you know, as passionate as we are to cheer us on and like, you know, listen to our rants and oh, so many things. I love it.
Courtney: It's great.
Rebecca: Yeah. So let's hear. What would you say has been your favorite thing about like having friendships are in the industry or, you know, our friendship? What's been your favorite like benefit that has come with community?
Courtney: Honestly, it kind of ties back to what I just previously said is that if you have ideas or you just need help or you just need to talk to someone because we all fall into this like comparison well on social media and things, and sometimes we want like someone just to motivate us or encourage us that we're doing such a good job and that, you know, you are worth what you're doing and things like that. And so I have so many friends. I have reached out like I may have felt very defeated. I may have had tears, you know, by reaching out to those friends and those friends, encouraging you not to stop, keep pushing through. It's been a huge blessing and honestly has kept me going with my photography business because I mean, there are so many times I have just like I just want to give up. I just want to stop like I. I'm done. But having that group of friends within the community to know what you have been through and they have been in that same situation but have pulled themselves out of that situation and can encourage you and honestly has been a really like a blessing to me because it's what's kept me going to so honestly, just having friends within the industry, I just truly enjoyed just having that support system behind me. So I've had people that don't support what I've done because I've had people tell me, you know, you gave up teaching, you went to college for teaching, you wasted your college degree and I make. But no, I have it because I'm doing something that I passionately love and I get to be home with my kids and also serve couples and families on the side as well and be present more with my kiddos. And so I found something that I has truly been a blessing to our family as well.
So I strongly believe having that support system within the industry is so key.
Rebecca: Yeah, I think my favorite part of just community in the photography industry has been I'm an external processor, and so I think it really helps to like bounce ideas off of people and just like talk out loud and it's my husband. Like, I love him so much, but I know I exhaust him sometimes or like he wants me to like, turn it off, like turn off, turn off the business brain, like, let's do family, let's be present.  And like, I try really hard. But there are times that I just need to externally process and talk about it. And so it's so great to have people that are outside of my immediate family that I can have those conversations with. Because yes, me, my husband do this thing together. But there are times. We do need to turn it off for like the health of our family. There's just Work-Life Balance and things like that, and so we strive to keep that. And in doing so, it helps to have some of those conversations elsewhere. You know, with other people that are, it's not, you know, draining for them, it's empowering. Like for me, it's life giving to have business conversations. And I love like Courtney and I face time all the time while like I'm in the car driving or something. I don't look at the phone like, calm down. 
Courtney: She does it. She does it.
Rebecca:But we we love face timing and just like talking through things, if I'm like, you know, have 15 minutes on the road. That's just a fun way for me to kind of get a boost of energy and be able to just, you know, kind of like recharge, you know, like if my battery battery's a little bit low, I can recharge through those conversations and it just helps a lot.
Courtney: And I love how you mentioned face time like better than texting because a lot of people want that interaction face-to-face and just like the energy feeds off when you're having face-to-face conversations. And so I know Rebecca knows I've been calling her a lot lately and stuff. And so just because I need that energy from her in the end where I'm going with my photography. And so it's just been really nice to be able to pick up my phone and face time and know that she'll answer. And it's just been. It's been really like a blessing to have an outlet to her and to my other friends as well, and let my husband focus on his job because the last thing he needs to do is worry about my business right now. So, yeah, so it's just nice having those conversations with people within the industry.
Rebecca: And it's nice because we're both moms. So when we do face time, we know that it's probably going to be complete chaos on the other end. And that's OK. Like, if my kids are screaming in the background like we have had, like full conversations with both our kids, just like screaming their heads off and we're like, Listen, they're fine, they're safe, they're toddlers and they're just screaming. There's no rhyme or reason. So we have like a full conversation and we both like, turn on that mom mode where we can just like tune out the screaming, have the conversation.
Courtney: Yeah, I think moms get very good at knowing how to talk when they're toddlers or just running in or out. And it's a little chaos, I think.
I feel like moms have adapted to it very well. And so and I know we have as well.
Rebecca: Yeah, I'm like kind of shocked that both of us are here right now without our kids, like neither of us are nannies. They're both out today. And so like my kids, I hear them. They're upstairs, like running around. My husband's up there. So they're a little occupied. But I mean,
Courtney: Oh, my kids are my kids are yelling and screaming and riding around. I can hear their little feet. So it's like, sorry, I'm surprised that one of them has come in here.
Rebecca: Yes, I like waiting for like one of my toddler on Zoom right now. Like so Courtney can see, I'm like waiting for one of my toddlers to, like, come down the stairs and like, Hi mommy,
Courtney: I know it's but it's it's honestly, it's so much joy having the kiddos at home and stuff just being a mom. So I love, love, love being a mom and being a full time business owner.
Rebecca: Same. It's awesome. So here's a fun question for you, Courtney. Why would you say is your favorite memory of us together? We've now been friends for a few years. We have seen a lot in this journey together. What do you think's been your favorite memory?
Courtney: Honestly, OK, so I would say obviously we talked about the wedding that was fine. And we can. We can, we can laugh about that. We will always remember that wedding. But honestly, it was when we went out to Arizona. So Rebecca and I got to go out to Arizona because our one of our team members Alisa lives out there. And I've been with Alisa for quite a few years. Probably, gosh, I think maybe three years. And I remember us going out there. Rebecca wanted to come out there.
Rebecca: And here's what's so funny is I, like, literally invited myself on that trip. So Alisa was not on my team at that time, and she was  Courtney's editor, and Courtney was like, Yeah, I'm going to go out to Arizona. I was like, Why? She goes, Oh, just to take pictures is, it's pretty. I was like, Oh, can I come? And  I invited myself on this trip and she's like, Yeah, so we like, made it a girls trip and we were staying at Alisa's house. I had never met her before. I know she's probably going to listen to that. So. Hi, we love you. I love you. So I invited myself and we were staying in Alisa's house and literally like while we were there, I just fell in love with the Alisa. I hired her literally while we were there and I was like, Yeah, you have to be my editor now. And she's been my editor for years and years.
Courtney: So it's such a small world. I feel like that things work out the way it's supposed to get. And honestly, that trip was so great because we got there and we knew we wanted head shots and things out, and they desert this beautiful out. And so Rebecca might sound like a dry bar and went and got our hair done and everything, and then we got dressed up and we went out and I think it was Papago park I believe one of the famous areas to photograph in, and we got some pictures done. And then, I mean, I think we are out there for like three or four days. Yeah. Honestly, it was so beautiful out there, and I think it was just such a fun trip, too, and that we got to photograph with family out there and just kind of have a girls trip away. And so I love I love that trip, and I, you know, I'm looking forward to our trip again I guess,
Rebecca: Yes, we get to go in November or, you know, kind of be roomies. Like, I invited myself into her room, too. I know, I know.
Courtney: I need to tell Anna that yes, I am. Yes, you might is fun. I think my favorite memories is like just taking that trip out there.
Rebecca: So I agree I was this day. That's definitely been my favorite memory to the the funniest part of that trip was on the way there. We, I think, was on the way. There we one of our flights got delayed and we when we landed in our layover wherever we were, we this is on our own. My Instagram Stories under like one of my travel highlights. So if anybody wants to go find it, so we had just landed. Yeah. When you sleep, it was so funny. So we had just landed and we were in terminal like A. And we need to get to Terminal D or something like that. And we had probably ten minutes to run. We literally we started off like kind of walking fast and then like morphed into like a light jog. And then by the end, we were sprinting through the airport trying to catch our flight because like we, we were not going to make it. And so we were like huffing and puffing, running with our carry ons like we. Good news is we made it, but we like, barely made it.
Courtney:  We barely made it. Oh my gosh. Almost literally. Probably like the last people to board. Yes. Oh my god. OK. I did find it. It's under her travel thing. It is pretty hilarious. You all got to go watch it. I mean, we are running. Yeah, and we both have never been to the airport.
Rebecca: And it was big.
Courtney: If you ask all my friends, I'm literally the person that is like, Don't fly with us because I always get delayed or I canceled flights. And my husband found that out very early when he dated me and we were canceled on a flight and I was like, How are we going to make it to Michigan? Oh my. So he goes, You have the worst flight. I was like, Yep, don't fly with me. That's so funny. That's like, I got a taste of flying.
Rebecca: Yes. And I'm that way with restaurants like no matter me and my mom. It's this running joke where we always get the training, like the person in training that doesn't know what they're doing at restaurants. It just happens all the time. I'm pretty sure it happened on that trip, like we ended up with some trainee waiter. Like, it just happens. It's so funny. But yeah, I saw I really loved running through the airport with you. I was so fine and we made our flight and it was fine. I also loved we went down. I think it was like our last day there. We woke up really early and we went to this creek that we wanted to check out because we were, you know, thinking about doing mini sessions there at one point and wanted to like scout locations. So Alisa took us to this creek. I don't even know what it was, but it was like super rocky and it was very cold. I remember it being freezing cold and windy. It was so windy. So I think we like I don't remember if we took our shoes off. At one point.
Courtney: We took her shoes off and we thought it would be cute because like, kick in the water and stuff. Oh no, it was so cold.
Rebecca: It was so cold and like trying to walk on the rocks like it was very uneven ground. We left our shoes up like at the top of the bank because we're like, Oh, this is like a good place to like, put all our stuff. And Alisa was there like doing iPhone videos the whole time. She was so funny, like, we are sitting there. Courtney is trying to take pictures while I was kicking the water, and then we it and I was trying to take pictures while she was kicking the water. And all the while, Alisa is there with her iPhone, like taking videos for stories for us to like. Keep up with everything. Oh my gosh, it was so funny. I just remember it being freezing cold. We were there for maybe like three minutes total and we're like, OK, let's get out of here because it was so cold, it was so cold in Arizona. Like, who would have thought you?
Courtney: I know who would have thought it in October, how cold it would be in the morning of Arizona.
Rebecca:  So it was so cold. And like the Sun was behind this rock thing, and it probably has a name for the structure. It wasn't a mountain. I know where we'll have to ask her if she's going to be like laughing at us right now, like, Oh my gosh, these girls are crazy.
Courtney: Girls have no idea where they were just some creek.
Rebecca: Literally just random places, it's fine, but I'm really looking forward to going back to Arizona with you, we get to go back for United. If anybody's listening, you're going to need me and Courtney will be there so you can come in. We're so excited.
Courtney:  I was supposed to go to last year and because of COVID, I got cancelled and I'm kind of like kind of glad I did because I would have been like thirty six weeks super pregnant. Yeah, with Leyton. So I'm really thankful this time I'm not pregnant yet. I can enjoy and it's going to be so much fun. So if you're out there, come say hi to I should be out there. I'm a redhead and you all should know Rebecca by now because she's she's amazing.
Rebecca: So definitely come and say, Hi, will be your friends. And have you ever been to United before?
Courtney: I haven't been, so I'm super excited to go this year just again. It kind of ties back of what Rebecca and I talked in the beginning just at community and united from years of definitely have had a FOMO just missing out every year on United. And so I told myself, I'm not going to miss out this year. And so I that conference, just watching how many people develop relationships through that conference alone is such a huge impact. And so I'm excited to go out there and listen to the speakers as well. But I'm also excited just to develop more relationships, probably with people like I have never met before, and so more creatives within the industry. They may not be photographers, but I'm so excited just to develop more friendships. It's the extrovert and me, right?
Rebecca:  Yeah, this is going to be my first united too. I've heard that it's very much a networking like conference that of course, it has know great content, but the thing I hear is like people make such great friends and such great relationships there. And so like my friend Kat, who's my integrator, she's going to be speaking. She's a keynote speaker, so that'll be fun for her to be there too. And it's just the introvert in me is a little nervous because, you know, I'm uncomfortable at conferences like you knew people, but I know that I have like Courtney's my extrovert. That will be fine.
Courtney: You got to give yourself credit. You did amazing. I creative at heart. And so if you guys don't know Rebecca, you spoke at Creative at heart. She was a key note and she was amazing. And so she does know she is. Also, she's got a little extrovert in her.
Rebecca: So I feel like  I could be extra. I'm extroverted, but I need to be. And then but it doesn't make me any less uncomfortable. Like, inside. I am like, you know, my stomach's in knots, but on the outside, I look like super extroverted, like, I'll be friendly and I would love to talk to you. But also by the end of the night, I'm like, so drained because like, my energy is like by being by myself, I get more energy, whereas extroverts like they gain energy by being around people. But anyway, yeah, I creative was fine.
Courtney:  I'll be like that to probably by the end of the night. I'm just like also because we're going to be kid free.  And so I'm like, I just want to go back and like, relax. So I do have a little introvert. Yeah, and I just relax at the end of the night.
Rebecca: Yeah. Kat says, there's a spa there so we can go to the spa in between sessions and whatnot. We'll find out. Yeah. Alisa, our editor, has been telling us for years like, I think since our very first trip to Arizona, we met her. She's like, You guys have to go to United. It's the best. You have to be there. And she knows like everybody. So that'll be nice to have her also to like, help introduce us to people and it'll be fine.
Courtney: I'm excited just to get back out there. We haven't been out there since October of last year, so I'm excited just to get back out there.
Rebecca: It's so pretty. If you're never going to Arizona, it's just a very pretty place to shoot. I know it seems weird. You're like really the desert. Honestly, like, the desert is so pretty and it's very different from like the Dallas area or even Tennessee, where everything's really green and lush. And so I don't know like where our listeners are from, they're from all over. But if you're missing, like desert in your portfolio, that's a really fun place to go.
Courtney: It's a good place, and we got a great location that we'd be willing to share. You ever go out to Arizona?
Rebecca: Yes, we can like drop pins and show you exactly where to go, because it's like hard to explain, but bring your best pastel. All the pastels look amazing in the desert. So oh yes,
Courtney: It looks beautiful.
Rebecca: And Courtney's red hair? Oh my gosh. Just like goes right along with the red dirt. It's so pretty.
Courtney: Thank you. I appreciate it. As I am like, I love our photos from last October out there.
Rebecca: So yes, those are some of my favorites. I love it. Awesome. Well, this was so fun. What a phone conversation.
Courtney: I loved it, and I really hope that people that are listening like truly. Find your accountability or find your friends within the community, because honestly, I truly believe this whole community is very open and want relationships with other creatives, and so I just strongly encourage if you're like me like a couple of years ago and not know where to like, go with your business or you just feel isolated and you just need like you're hungry for like a relationship like really reach out to people within Rebecca's group or other groups, like so many people want that relationship and that social interaction. And I truly believe like, you need a bestie to be able to go through this journey and not you're not meant to do this alone. You're meant to do this with other people.
Rebecca: And it's so much more fun. It's so much more fun.
Courtney:  It's more fun in my, you know, you can bounce more ideas off of each other. Rebecca knows I'm going to be coming to her next man, bouncing more ideas off of her. And so it's like, Really, Look for that. You know that community and you're going to find your accountability. You're going to sign your your friends within that group.
Rebecca: Yeah. And if you like, find somebody that is a little more standoffish or like not in the mood, like there are bad apples there, I'm not going to lie. There are people that like, don't want community they they keep people super far from them. I had a girl they've never met like straight up, blocked me on Facebook for no reason when I moved here, like literally, she was, I guess, really threatened. I don't know why it was so weird, but I'll tell that you, Well, yeah, there is. There's all kinds of people like that, but they don't give up like, if you like, encounter people like that, just know, like, that's not the majority, that there are people that are want to be kind and welcoming. And, you know, they desire that community. And so keep looking for it. And you know, some some great place. A great place to start is in our student group. If you're in my student group, I'm telling you our group is like the best of the best. We have some amazing people there that really value community. I think partly because I value community so much that that's kind of what I attract are people that are very like minded. And so that's a really good place to start. If you're like, I need somebody.
Courtney: So definitely you got two people right here.
Rebecca: Yeah, yeah, it's true. Even if you're not like in Tennessee or in Texas, like we can be Instagram buddies like, you know, feel free to DM us, and we would love to be able to like chat and just do life with you.
Courtney: And just motivate you and encourage you. Because I mean, we we have been in that situation. And I tell you one girl, one of my friends, I literally did not know. We knew through Instagram and every day. And in March, I went up to Charleston and I second shot for her and we've never met in person. But we've talked their Instagram and literally we just hugged each other because we're like, Oh my gosh, we feel like we've been friends forever, but we've never met in person. Right. And I helped her with the wedding and it was like, it's really was like the best feeling because you can really develop like genuine relationships, even though you haven't met in person yet. So I love it. I just I love this community and this and what it's all about, and there are a few bad apples. I was there four and a  half years ago and shot down by so many other photographers. And but you do find the ones that are opening up and will welcome you and that will be your encourager, your supporter and everything for sure.
Rebecca: So good. Well, Courtney, can you tell everybody where they can find you if they want to connect with you or, you know, see what they do? Courtney's in the process of like developing some really awesome things. So you're going to want to like, follow her and keep up. Where can they find you?
Courtney: I'm on Instagram, so it's Courtney Bosworth Photography. I also have a Facebook page as well. And then my website is just www.Courtney Bosworth.com And so I'm on there as well. And like Rebecca said, I do have a few things up my sleeve are coming in and that will hopefully help moms down the road in the business. And so whether you're a photographer or a different creative in the industry, I got I got some things working, so I love it. That's where you can find me and always hop in my DMs. I'm here to help and support you in any way.
Rebecca: Yay. Awesome. Well, thank you so much for coming on for having this conversation. Just a much needed conversation, and I hope that I know people are going to get some awesome stuff from it, so I can't wait for our listeners to hear and just be able to meet you virtually.
Courtney: Well, thank you. I appreciate you having me.
Rebecca: Of course. All right, everybody, this is it for today. We will be back at the same time next week, so definitely tune in. We've got more awesome conversations coming up that you won't want to miss. You guys have an awesome week.

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33.  A Chat With My First Industry Friend