Hey, everybody, welcome back to another episode of the Business Journey Podcast. I'm Rebecca and I'm so, so excited for today's episode. This is going to be a good one. This is actually my very first episode where I've had guest educators on with me. This is a really special opportunity that you guys get to hear from some amazing ladies in the industry. I have with me today the queens of reels themselves. I have Natasha Coyle and Stephanie Kase. If you have never heard of them, go look them up right now because they have the most amazing, realistic talks. They do all the things that I'm not naturally good at. I love watching them. I love seeing how amazing they are and today we're talking all about reels. Now, one reason I wanted to bring both of them on at the same time is because they are in two different seasons of life and I feel like it hits a really broad spectrum of people. We have Stephanie, who is young, married, super enthusiastic, and she just totally kills the game. And then we have Natasha, who's in her 30s. She has a kid who is eight. If you're in your 30s, even into your 40s, 50s, whatever, and you're trying to figure out this reel thing, Natasha's got you.

OK, so today I want to have them introduce themselves and then we're just going to dive into some questions that I have that I know other people have, that I know that they'll have really good insight and answers.

Rebecca: Stephanie, do you want to go ahead and introduce yourself? Tell us a little bit about you.

Stephanie: Yeah. So I'm Stephanie Case. If you don't know anything about me, who I am, I started as a photographer. Oh, my gosh. I just realized recently it's almost seven years ago, I just kind of crazy. I started photography in high school and that's how I started my business as primarily a wedding photographer. I knew pretty early on that's what I wanted to do. So I really dove headfirst into weddings and did that my senior year of high school and just absolutely loved it and now transitioning a little bit more into education. I've been adding education to my business and doing that with online courses and shop products. I also have a YouTube channel that's growing really, really quickly, which is exciting. My YouTube channel specifically is more geared towards Instagram reels and Instagram in general and social media and all of that and really teaching other brands of small business owners how to use it for to grow their online presence. So, yeah, I'm super excited to chat about this. Obviously, I have a lot of videos on that and talk about it a lot. I have a lot of thoughts on everything and I'm super excited. I'm also I live in Columbus, Ohio, up in the Midwest right now, and I am married. I've been married for almost four years. I got married about halfway through college, which was super fun. I also have one dog about to be two dogs, maybe two dogs by the time this comes out, they're both Sheepadoodles. We're just obsessed with all things doodles and even just dogs. I love dogs. So, yeah, it's a little bit about me.

Rebecca: I love it. Did you guys get married when you were twenty? I can't remember.

Stephanie: Yes, I was twenty and he was twenty one. I obviously like I couldn't legally even drink yet so I didn't even have alcohol at our wedding, like we just had like sparkling cider and like yeah but it was really fun. I know it's not for everyone, getting married young but for us it worked so well and we loved getting married so young.

Rebecca: I feel that my husband and I got married when we were twenty also. That's like our thing. We totally get it. We weren't legal to drink at our wedding either. OK, Natasha, tell us a little bit about you and your business.

Natasha: Yes, thank you. If you don't know anything about me, my name is Natasha Coyle. I am a Charleston wedding photographer and educator, and I started my business as a thirty four year old stay at home mom. So very different than Rebecca and Stephanie with, when I started in the seasonal life that I was in, I had an almost four year old and I realized really quickly that in order for me to be a wedding photographer, that I needed to resonate with brides and grooms that were in their 20s. So I found that short form video and video marketing through Instagram and tik tok was the way to do it. So I started to talk in real last year, saw a ton of growth from it, and now I teach other photographers how to really utilize it into their business to kind of stand out in this one by one squares to not do the exact same thing as everybody else and to really show up and be themselves. Because I do think that market is going to continue to change. It's going to head towards video. And if you are showing up as yourself, you can always sell to people because people buy from people. So that's kind of why I am very into reels and tic tok. I enjoy it. I love it, and I love showing other people how to utilize it for their own business and to really show up and be themselves.

Rebecca: I love everything about that. And what's so cool is both Natasha and Stephanie went from like four or five thousand Instagram followers to over 10K in months. Like it was so crazy to see both of them do that. And I know that's a vanity metric, and we'll talk about. Vanity metrics and a little bit, but I mean, there's some value to having 10,000 people or more, y'all are way like 12, 13, something like that, followers following you like, that's a big deal. So these ladies have credibility. They like our seriously so good at this. The whole thing, reel's Instagram, you know, Tik Tioks, whatever they are, the experts here, and so I want to go ahead and just dive in to some questions. Some of these are questions that I personally have. Some of them are ones that I know my listeners have as well. And so first to start and you guys can just, like, pop in with answers and it won't be like super formal. We're just making this really conversational. Y'all know me. That's how we roll. So how have Reel's or Tik Tock impacted your business ? Like, let me know what that journey has looked like in short form video.

Natasha: Yeah. So I will hop in real quick for myself. There's been a couple of different things that it's impacted. Obviously it's impacted the business, but it's impacted the relationships that I've been able to form from it. So meeting new clients through Talking Reel's new photographers that I may not have met prior, I actually had an occasional session last night with a couple who found me on tik tok. They're not even really on their Instagram, but they follow me on tik tok. They live in Texas, and they were like, no, we cannot think of anybody else that can be our wedding photographer. So I'm going to Texas for my first wedding next year. They came into town for their session last night. And so I think that building those relationships has been extremely beneficial, especially to my business and increasing that brand awareness. And then I just had the best first quarter I've ever had in four years because of this new journey that I'm on with education and with Reel's in the amount of people that I'm able to reach with that new marketing process. So I was fully booked as a wedding photographer last year in October, in a year where there's a pandemic and people were a little hesitant on booking weddings. So I was able to fully book out because I was able to market myself in a new way and I was reaching new people. And now my inquiry process is so much easier because people know once they go in, if I'm their photographer or not, because they've already seen videos of me, they know who I am because I really utilize Reel's and take tic tok to show up. So my inquiry process is I go into a meeting and is one hundred percent bookings because they already know if I'm their girl or not. So it's definitely really helped me with brand awareness, really help me with building the bottom line in my business and booking nine weddings last year directly from tik tok and reels that is so awesome.

Rebecca: I love that. Oh, so cool. OK, Stephanie, what do you think ? How has Instagram rails and tectonics impacted your business ?

Stephanie: Yeah, so I would say almost like on the flip side of that, for me I really thought it and don't use short form video to grow like my photography business because I started going it to the point where I'm like booking myself consistently and like where it wasn't looking for ways to increase my bookings in that way. But for me, I've seen a lot of growth just for like the education side of my business and really helping me to grow other photographers following me, other small business owners following with their brands following me. So that's really where I put my focus. But I really have focused on it a little bit more, attracting other photographers and people that I serve on the education side of my business. And I will say, like from something that I can really pinpoint, I feel like there's two main things that I can really pinpoint, that it's really helped grow my business, and the first one I would say is not only like obviously growing that audience a little bit, but also creating stronger connections with those people and being seen as someone who is a leader in that industry and like being able to teach others how to do what I'm doing. And it's really helped me like really just create a better connection with the people that fall with me. And so, like, if they're following along, they're seeing my personality on a tik tok or on a reel I've really honed in on rails more specifically for my brand, but it really has helped people to feel like they can get to know me better. They can see my face they can see me moving, maybe hear me talking. That's something that I have preached for so long because I've been doing YouTube for a long time and have seen that with my YouTube channel, the videos and creating and how the connections that you can make through video are just so much stronger than words and images on a screen ever could. And so I've really seen it grow my brand in that way. I've also saw something more tangible. Something was really cool is actually on tik tok when I was focusing on it more earlier last year or so early in 2020. It's funny. I did have one tik tok, it was like super random, had tik tok. That was about my pre sets go somewhere. I wouldn't even say it was like super viral but enough. It was like getting a lot of traction and it was about like before and after editing my photos. And I just casually like, said, oh, I love my pre sets in the in the description and people the comments were flooded with, like, we're going to get your pre sets, where can I grab them ? Like and I saw an increase of five hundred dollars and preset sales in that week, and so it was it was kind of interesting, like using it specifically for something along those lines. And I've done that over and over again with regards to, you know, driving traffic to like for people to join my email list or something along those lines, it's a little bit more. Tangible, but, yeah, definitely, for sure, go and connect with my audience and then it's just kind of cool to see how well you do have something that kind of catches on. You can see some tangible results like that.

Rebecca:  I love it, and a common thread that I see between both of you, what you guys said was the relationship aspect is that there's just something different with short form video that people can connect to, like you said, in a way that they can't with words and images. And for people that are uncomfortable, like putting themselves out there like this is one of those things you need to do it like it is time to put yourself out there and get your face, you know, in front of your camera, because there's just so much value there, and that connection point, I mean, like Natasha was saying, she is, you know, closing 100 percent of her inquiries because they know her, and so by passing up on the opportunity, you are losing out on a lot of connection building between you and potential clients or potential customers. So I think that's huge with Instagram reels is that relational aspect of things. Well, let's get a little bit practical here, because I know that you both have really good like tips and tricks and, you know, all the ins and outs and stuff. What would you say are some hacks that maybe you've learned along the way that make making reels easier ? I know that for me, my biggest pain point is it takes me so long to make them like, you know, you think about finding the right sound and then, you know, doing the video and adding the words and making the cover photo and writing the caption like, for me, it just takes me so long and that's so frustrating. So I'm sure there have got to be like hacks that you've found or things that make that easier because you guys crank these out like crazy, and I sit and watch. I'm like, oh my gosh, I think I do one like every two weeks. Maybe if we're lucky. It's probably been a month since my last reel. But anyways, I will pass it over to you, let me know some some of your favorite tips, tax tricks. What do you have ?

Stephanie: I would say the first thing I would say that helps me a lot is just, you know, you're on Instagram anyway, probably scrolling on your feed. Just save ideas as they come to you, or even I have like a note in my phone when I think of ideas randomly, I'm just writing them down so that when I do go to film or record some stuff that I have a bunch of ideas to pull from I'm not sitting there wondering, like, OK, so now like, what do I even make ? Like, that helps me so much, and on Instagram there's like the same section where, you know, if you say something and you can also like organize into folders. So I have a folder specifically for ideas, for reels that I'm constantly saving things do. So when I'm creating reels, I can just go back and I'm like, oh yeah, it made me think of this. And I also want to throw in here that doing that might sound like Stephanie, like you're not supposed to copy people, right ? Like aren't you supposed to, like, make sure not copying when it comes to a lot of things on your business and stuff. But I think with short form video, at least the way it is right now, that's kind of part of how it works, and, you know, how many different trends, different sounds, you lip sync to things like that. You jump on it and obviously put your own twist on it. That's where you can come up with a lot of ideas and see what are other people doing, what are people liking when it comes to short form video and jumping on them for yourself. So I would say that's the first thing, is just say those ideas as you think of them. So when you sit down to record some, you have a time to pull from. You're not spending your time trying to think of like what to record
But, you know, exactly like you have a bunch of ideas you can just do.

Natasha: Absolutely. And I just kind of go with what Stephanie said. You know, planning is key. Anything that we're going to post online, we want to clean it out so that when we do have a day that we're recording, if we have that today, we're not wasting time trying to think of ideas. And I tell a lot of people, same thing to save a lot of people's intake, to save sound. So you already have them. But if you're stumped on even what to put out there, what kind of inspiration in terms of if you want to do value or tips, go into Pinterest and think about your ideal client and type in what they might be typing into Pinterest and it will get your creative juices flowing. So where you like, oh, I can do those five tips for a bride and groom portraits. Or if you're doing something for business tips, I can do those mistakes that I wish I hadn't made in my business and I could put that into a short form video. So being outside the box on how to come up with ideas and how you can create and make your own out of it is really key. But obviously planning picking out your outfit and making sure that your sounds are saved, everything's ready to go. So when you are able to film, you can batch because batching is key to making sure that you can keep showing up consistently.

Rebecca: That was my next question, was can reels be batched ? Because at this point, like I have a like list of saved audio, I have a list of like ideas and I just haven't had the time to, like, sit down, which I'm in a unique season where, like, putting out a bunch of new things right now, which I'll talk about at the end, but we're just in crazy season right now. But I'm hoping, like, once that's over, I'll be able to, like, sit down and batch these things. So can we talk ? Just really briefly, about batching for reels.

Natasha: Yeah, so I think that when it comes to batching, like I said, if you plan it, it's time to actually film your reels, you're ready to go and you can create multiple. And I do think that if you are going to create one, create multiple work smarter, not harder. If you're going to do your hair and makeup, which I don't think you have to do for reasons.

I just want to go ahead and put that out there, because a lot of people come to me, especially moms are like, I don't have my hair and makeup don't to show up as you are because I am a big believer in showing up and letting people see the real you. So if you wear mom bun and you're like, I'm a mess, people love that and they relate to that and your ideal client might relate to that. So show up that way. Don't do that. You have to put on a whole, like, sephora counter of makeup to show up on and take charge if that's you. And I do that, too, that's totally fine. I do both ways. I'm kind of like an anomaly like that. But I think that showing up and having your best day and creating multiple is going to help you be consistent. And I do think you have to be consistent on this and take time if you want to see that growth consistency is key. They do want to see, especially on Instagram, the algorithm that you're showing up and utilizing that feature consistently. And consistency looks different for everybody. It doesn't mean you have to do it every day. It just means that if you are dedicating one day a week, to do it, that one day a week, consistently for months, so that you can continue to see that growth and they can see that you're consistently showing up. Also, when it comes to batching, you can say to your drafts on reels, but I do tell everybody that I should also save it to your phone, because if you restart reels or restart Instagram, if you have an update, if your phone actually turns off those batch content, drafts will be gone and is devastating and you don't want that to happen. So definitely save it to your phone if you are shooting an app to be completely transparent. Some of them I do shoot an app and other ones I don't. I do feel like tech talk in terms of editing is much faster for me. So I do film a lot over there and that helps me batch even faster. And I also tell people that when you are filming, do not edit at that time, save your editing until later. So just film here reels and then when the light is gone at night or when you have a day where you just have a little tiny sitting at a doctor's office waiting, that's when you can edit. You don't have to edit when you're filming, make sure to have that bash film day and just film them and knock them out and then add it later.

Stephanie: Yeah, that was exactly what I was going to add on is saying. Like, I think when we think of batching reels, we think, oh, we have to like sit down, we have to come up the idea we have to create the reel we have to schedule and plan it out in our feed and we have to the text and all of that. But what I have found works really well for me is I'm already filming YouTube videos once every few weeks. And so what I'll do is I just tack on another hour to that and I film some reels. And for me at this point I try to post around three reels per week. So I'm not even at the point right now where I'm posting every day because it is a lot like there is. It is a lot to pour into creating all this content. But yeah, basically I will come up with the ideas as I'm already scrolling on Instagram, or maybe just go to the reel section and scroll specifically to find ideas if I need some more ideas to pull from, and I'm going to batch those reels. And then, for example, like yesterday , not it was Tuesday, a couple of days ago is when I was filming some YouTube videos. And it took me like for some reason in my mind, I'm always like, OK, I need like three or four hours to film all these rules. And that I don't know, maybe I'll only film like a week or two. It's like we'll see, but even in an hour, a couple of days ago I was able to film it was like at least ten different reels, which for me, if I'm posting three a week last night over two weeks. Right. So I think you can break up the batching a little bit and you can do you know where you're actually filming it on one day that I'll ask you a couple of weeks. And then for me, when I'm actually adding text, I'm either doing it or if I'm just like sitting there was just going on my phone maybe five minutes till a meeting set there and start adding text your real. And like Natasha said, make sure that you're saving your real like maybe once you're done at any hour, even as I'm editing, sometimes I'll hit save the camera just in case, because sometimes visuals can get really glitchy and like the text all messed up or something. And just so I have another copy on hand. But yeah, you can really break up the batching in that way. And it's not like you have to sit there and do everything at once. And I'll even you know, I plan out my reels in my feed when I go to sit down and play my Instagram feed, which takes me like an hour or two at the beginning of every week. So it's not like I'm sitting there and doing every step for real all at once, because I do think that's overwhelming. Like, that's overwhelming even for me.But and you know what works better for me ? Because right now I don't have a specific day every week that I can dedicate just to realize, like I have so many other things I'm doing my business. So for breaking breaking it up a little bit more in that way really helps me a lot and helps me stay consistent.

Rebecca: See, that already seems so liberating to me. The idea that I don't have to sit down and do every single step at one time like feeling like, OK, for that. I like that you set like a limit. OK, for this hour I'm going to do is record the video for, and then maybe one day later that week, OK, for this 30 minutes, I'm just going to add text to all my recorded videos. OK, for this time, I'm just going to do captions for whatever like that seems so much better. And so I'm going to give that a try. Not till April, but once we're past April, I will definitely give it a try. I love it. I want to ask a question to each of you specifically. So, Stephanie, we'll start with you. I would love to hear what encouragement would you give to the younger crowd who maybe is struggling, feeling like this real's thing is really difficult when we feel like it should come easy ? I know you and I were talking about this weird, like feeling that we have because, I mean, I'm 26 years old, so I feel like I should be good at reels; reels should come naturally to me and they don't. And so like, what kind of encouragement ? I'm sure I'm not the only one. So what would you say to people that are like I'm like you, Rebecca, this sucks that I'm not good at it. Like what would you say to to those younger people ?

Stephanie: feel like so the first thing I would say is just recognizing what the purpose of reels and really how it's going to help you. So first of all, going viral isn't everything kind of like we mentioned earlier, talking about vanity metrics ? Like, you know, it sounds it sounds really flashy and cool to say, oh, I had these videos go viral, like all these views. And it seems like that does get a lot of attention. But like, ultimately that isn't like something going viral in and of itself isn't what's going to grow your brand. So recognizing that first and foremost and I personally think that, you know, the connection you're building with your audience and going back to what you were talking about earlier, you can actually build with your audience is even more important. And that's really what rules can really help you with. And so I would make sure to focus on that. You know, if you're posting rules and do what works for you, like don't feel is pressure to post every single days. You know, like for me, when I look at a lot of the people I follow that are posting every day, either it's a huge part of their marketing strategy. Maybe like Natasha, you just throw out very consistently in this area or it's somebody that is like a content creator full time and they have the capacity to post and create rules and do all of this every single day. Even for me, like at this point, I'm not posting rules every day. When I was posting every day, the first few months that came out and it was really big, I would really 90 percent of my reels I would say even more than that. We're just talking about repurposing into reals. And so it was really easy. Like people were like, oh, my gosh, how are you doing this
 all the time ? I'm like, I'm just statement and posting. Like, I'm not doing much of anything. I don't like cheating a little bit. I'm like, I already have these tick tock so I can pull from and like just post. But now at that point I totally ran out of that content. I already spent months making that make sense on reels and now I'm having to create. that more from scratch. And at this point I'm showing up three days a week. And I also want to give a little bit encouragement to that as well. When it comes to, you know, posting consistently and how it's going viral is in everything when it comes. You know, if you are trying to use users to grow your audience or to reach more people, for example, I saw a lot of growth with reels, especially by way, because it was really new. My content is easily getting found for a lot of people. I quickly grew from like six thousand followers and I would like to over 10,000 followers within like just a couple of months, which was really awesome. And then since then I started seeing a decline. Unlike some of my real is not as many of my real's like going viral in the sense of whatever viral means. And and also in mid-December through mid-January, I really took a break from posting on Instagram consistently because of the holidays. And then we were moving for a couple of weeks. So just with all of that, I was like, I can't do this. I was like not posting consistently. Am I definitely my reach with, you know new followers and all that went down, I know. Went down for a good couple of months to I was getting maybe twenty, thirty followers a week, which for me was pretty consistent with what I was already getting before I started using rules. And then after, after I started posting consistently again, it was towards the end of January, early February, I started posting consistently and even then it wasn't like before. I wasn't posting every day or like Tuesday I was posting one, you know, maybe two to three times per week on reels and have seen my follower count even know two hundred plus followers a week without having reels go super viral to me. Like I look at my rules and I'm like, oh, like most of them are like at around ten thousand views, which is good. It's a good amount of reach for my, for my account, but it's not more than the number of followers I have. So you might look at that and think, oh like these are just people who already follow me. This is not doing anything. But I've definitely seen a steady increase in the number of followers and gaining and the traction that I'm seeing in my Instagram, even though I have I think more recently I had a couple of reals go viral or whatever, which I really saw a big jump in those couple of weeks. But overall, like it still is growing my brands and even past that, like I said, it's growing the connection with my audience, so even if you only have the capacity, maybe do one for a week, like, you know, I would say go for that, do whatever works best for you. I will say consistency obviously is really important. The more you do it, the more traction you'll see. But if, you know, jumping into it, if you're like, I can only handle doing one for a week, do that, and the more you do it to, the easier it's going to get, the more that you try it out. And where you try, you know, it's obviously something with something new. You can't you're not going to jump into it and immediately know how to do everything and do it really, really fast. Same thing for me. When I started putting YouTube videos, they used to take me like four or five hours just to edit a YouTube video. And now it takes me an hour or two. So the more that you do it, the more that you're editing them, more that you're coming up with ideas. It just keeps on. You know, you're going to keep going in that you're going to get faster and faster until it does become easier. And then you're like, oh, maybe I could post like two or three times per week or do a little bit more. But yeah, that's what I, I would say. I hope it's encouraging. Just whatever works best for the season of life that you're in.

Rebecca: I love it. Yeah. That's really, really helpful. I think Stephanie and Natasha, I wanted to ask you, what encouragement would you give to the mom or someone maybe in their late 30s that is very uncomfortable with the idea of short term, short duration. And I can't say short or what is it, short form video ? What would you say to that ?

Natasha: Absolutely. So, you know, I get this a lot at my diamonds on Instagram, and I like to tell moms and people in their 30s that when I told them my age is I think a lot of people don't realize I am thirty seven, I will be thirty eight this summer and that I can do it, anybody can do it. So if you want to utilize Instagram, let's just focus on Instagram and you want to utilize all the features that they give us to continuously grow your business. And I think that if you are showing up on social media, you should be growing something because it is time that we are putting in effort that we're putting, and you want to make sure you're either growing those relationships, you're growing your audience, you're growing your bottom line, you're growing something because it is a marketing strategy to utilize. So if you are wanting to grow your audience again, if you're stuck, it's a great way to show up and let people really get to know you. We all know that pretty pictures don't cut it anymore. Instagram, we're all three photographers and we know that we can post a gorgeous picture of a bride and groom. The audience, they may not connect with it because they don't know who that is. When we post a picture of ourselves, they connect with that way more because they're following us and they love us. So just think about reels as a way to love and serve the audience. You already have in a different way. Think about it, how you can utilize it the same way you your stories to really show up and let people get to know you think about it that way. But with reels what you're doing is you're also having the capacity to reach other people and lend out a hand and say, hey, I would love for you to come over. And then you can also nurture that relationship with that new audience member in your stories. So just think about it as a new handshake to people. You have no idea you are a do not all of you. And if you're feeling like, OK, but I'll even show up in my stories, I personally feel like video marketing and video is the newest way of marketing and it's only going to continue. It is a bite sized way to really show up and let people get to know you. And you don't even have to speak on the video. You don't have to show your face. You can show behind the scenes is just shows your back. If you are a shooter, if you are to talk to her, there's so many different ways that you can show up and not necessarily show your face right on the video. Do I think that you should show your face ? Yes. But if you need to build up to that, then take time to build up to that until you get used to showing up with Real's. So I just want to tell you to grant yourself, Grace, to show up and just let people get to know you to see what happens. You're never too old to try something new, especially for your business.

Rebecca: Oh, so good. I love that. Thanks, Natasha, for sharing that. Well, we're going to go ahead and sort of start wrapping up here. I would love for each of you to tell everybody where they can find you, where they can go watch your reels and your tik toks and all of these things. 

Stephanie: So I, I my website is StephanieKase.com. If you go there, you really can just find all the links to everything. But my Instagram is also at Stephanie Lynn Kase . It's Kase with a K and my YouTube is at Stephanie Kase.

Natsha: Yes. And you can find me on Instagram its Natasha Coyle photography, the same thing on Tik tok  and on Facebook. And I also have a website Natasha Coyle Photography.com, and you can find all of my resources and my course over there as well.

Rebecca: Perfect. Now, before I completely close out, I did want to mention, in case any of my listeners missed it last week, I mentioned that we are launching a brand new membership. It's called Behind the Lens with the Rebecca Rice. And I am so excited for it. This is something that you guys have been asking for and I've been working on it for months. Behind the scenes, we're talking like at least six months. And so I'm really excited to finally get to talk about it and to, you know, let you guys know it's launching April 1st. It is not an April Fool's joke. It's the real deal launching April 1st. Basically, I'm taking you behind the scenes every single month on some of my own. Family sessions, you get to watch me in action. Watch how I pose my clients and interact with them and you know why I choose lighting and locations the way that I do. I have a voice over. I'm going to tell you exactly why I do all the things. And also, as a bonus, every single month, I'm also including a master class. So, for example, this month in April, our master class is going to be a Pinterest master class where I'm diving super deep into stuff that I just don't normally teach. And so you get the opportunity to find out how I have one point four million monthly viewers on Pinterest and it drives traffic to my website. And I'll walk you through how to set it up, how to automate it, all the things Pinterest. So that comes included in our monthly bundle. You'll, you'll get a brand new master class every month and a brand behind the scenes. So just wanted to throw it out there. I am super, super excited for that resource.

It's it's just going to be great. I was over here so excited I and I have that one. I was a family guitar. Sounds amazing. I this, it's literally like Netflix. I love it. You can, you can watch it every single month. So good. Well we will go ahead and and for today. Thank you so much, Stephanie andNatasha, for hopping on with me today. So just wanted to throw it out there. I am super, super excited for that resource. It's it's just going to be great. I was over here so excited I and I have that one. Well we will go ahead and and for today. Thank you so much, Stephanie andNatasha, for hopping on with me today.

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09. Instagram Reels for Photographers with Natasha Coyle & Stephanie Kase